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We would like to inform you, that from 1. 2. 2021 we no longer process orders for final consumers from abroad.
The only exception is Slovakia. Foreign orders for wholesalers remain unchanged.

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My first shoes

Today we will explain to you why the choice of the first shoes is very important. Here are some helpful tips. And finally, you will get to know something very interesting.




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New FARE BARE series

We have been developing and producing barefoot footwear ("A" series) for three years already. This segment has found a very favorable response both at home and abroad. We have satisfied fans of BF footwear, especially those who have a very large foot in the toe.

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Would you like to sell our shoes?


We want the best for our children and healthy agile legs are the basis for the proper development of the child's musculoskeletal system. So,when developing shoes, we at FARE think of everything important and produce shoes that are loved by both small and big children.

As a manufacturer, we focus mainly on children's shoes, so we understand children's feet really well. In our stores and in the e-shop you will find only high-quality and comfortable children's shoes made with care and love.

At FARE, we can make sure that your darlings have their feet in comfort and warmth from birth. With us, you can choose children's shoes from the smallest sizes up to the oversized ones. Hig-quality Czech products and customer satisfaction are our top priority.

In the offer of FARE children's shoes you will find a complete assortment: we produce children's shoes at home and out. With our shoes you can go for a walk with your children or straight to the trek, whether it is sleet, snowstorm or a beautiful summer day. We keep up with the times and so we constantly come up with new ideas, innovations and improvements.
 As a proof, try children's shoes with a climate membrane or barefoot.



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