How to choose the right size of shoes?

How to choose the right size of shoes?

Children feet grow but shoes do not. Therefore it is very important for parents to check the size of children´s shoes regularly. Toddlers should be checked once a month, pre-school and young school children once a 3 months, older school children once a 4 or 5 months and 15-20-year old once a half year. There are many ways for the right and comfortable measuring of feet, but according to our experience the most practical way is the measuring instrument PLUS 12 which we highly recommend to you.

It is very important to buy new shoes for your children really in time, immediately when it is needed. In accordance with feet growing – the smaller child, the more pairs of shoes in a year. Damages of feet are caused by wearing small shoes constantly. To avoid the permanent damages of your children´s feet, the measuring of feet and shoes is very important. There are many different ways of the size marking nowadays so it is not possible to rely on the size written on shoes. Therefore it is likely to happen that the size of shoes does not go with size of feet. Now it is necessary to be able to measure the size of shoes and also of feet correctly. For this use the measuring instrument PLUS 12 is ready for you. This measuring instrument is to be used both for children and adults.

First we will show you 3 most favourite methods of finding out sizes of shoes and we will also explain why these do not function.

1. Ask your child – children´s nervous system is being developed at this time, so this method can´t function at all. Children have lower the border of pressure and pain therefore they cannot tell us if the shoe pinches them. The fact that children wear mostly small shoes can be caused by the fact that they get used to it and then they say that the small shoes are O.K.
2. The game with heel – you try here if there is some place between the children´s heel and the shoe. This method would be great but children bent their toes so they push their foot a little bit to the front to make the place for your finger there. Then it seems like the shoes are god.
3. To get to knot the size of shoes – foot is put on the sole. But to know if the shoes are good we need to know also the inner size of shoes. This method does not bring any results because it is only about the outer size and not the inner one.

Bad results of experimental project and wonder that there was no provided way for parents how to find out the right size of shoes led to the development of the measuring instrument PLUS 12! This measuring instrument measures not only feet but also the inner length of shoes. When measuring by PLUS 12, this instrument automatically adds 12 mm to the length of foot! And this is how we get the necessary inner length for suitable shoes.


   The way how to use PLUS 12:

Lenght of a foot: Take out PLUS 12 and measure both bare feet, eventually feet can have very light socks. Read the measured rate in milimetres (which is the lenght of foot plus 12 mm).

Lenght of a shoe: Put PLUS 12 in the shoe, then take it out and read the measured rate in milimetres (which is the ihned size of the shoe).

Result: If both of these rates are the same, then shoes are the right ones!

Our company FARE ltd. is the exklusive importer of this austrian measuring instrument. You can order it for 295,- Kč + VAT.

   How often should the size of shoes be checked?

Childrenś feet grow very fast, they change the length, width and also proportions. Small children´s feet grow in average about 15-18 mm in a year, at the older children it is about 8-12 mm in a year. That means that at the age 2-3 children need 2-3 sizes of shoes in a year, the pre-school children need 2 sizes in a year and the school children need 2-3 sizes of shoes in a year.


Recommended checkings


once a three months


once a four months


once a five months

If there are 98% of children born with healthy feet, then there is no reason why it couldn´t be like this also when they are adults.

The responsibility is in this case at us – children´s feet need many years to be finally developed, for their bones, muscles and tissues to be steady and at the same time movable.

The better we take care about them during the first years, the more resistant they are in the future. Walking, running and dumping are something which all of us take as the matter of fact, whereas we result from the fact that our feet simply ´function´.

Give this chance of living with this matter of fact also to your children - enable them various movement and good shoes!



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