New FARE BARE series

We have been developing and producing barefoot footwear ("A" series) for three years already. This segment has found a very favorable response both at home and abroad. We have satisfied fans of BF footwear, especially those who have a very large foot in the toe.

In response to the numerous wishes we put to the market another series of BF footwear (series "B"), which differs from series "A" in that it is slightly tapered in the toe and raised in the toe and instep. All other parameters remain the same, small differences are only in lengths.

Patterns from the "A" series start with the numbers 51, 52 and 53. Patterns from the "B" series start with the numbers 54, 55, 56 and 57. For better clarity and orientation, we have introduced marking with the indices "A" or "B", which the shoe pattern designation will start (e.g. A5114211 - original series or B5416231 - new series). Today's products are already labeled in this way. As our catalogues, which are printed in advance, have not yet fully responded to these indexes, it will still be possible to meet the names of our BF shoes without an index for some time. However, the first double digit will be reliably decisive, as we write in the introduction.

Another interesting novelty in the "B" series is that we produce most of the designs up to size 43. In the "A" series, it is in sizes 23-40.

You already know our models for the "A" series and you can expect another addition next season.

Changes to FARE BARE winter boots

  • In all winter models there will be an insole
  • In addition to the winter FBARE boots, we now supply a regulating insole for greater use
  • for all winter models (series "A" and series "B") FBARE will no longer be an unattached lining, but it is connected to the upper of the shoe


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