The founding of FARE ltd. Is dated back to the year 1991. Since the very beginning quality and customer´s satisfiscation have been the main atribute in FARE ltd. This philosophy has made the FARE brand as the definition symbolizing seriousness and reliability.


FARE ltd. produces children´s, boyish, girl´s, women and men´s shoes. All these are further made as yearlong, summer and winter models. Since the year 2003 also trekking shoes with the climate membrane have been produced by FARE ltd. Treking shoes are made from the size 23 in all sizes, including oversizes to the size 49. By customers´ numerous requests the FARE production was eked up with children´s home footwear in the year 2007. The advantage of these shoes is the spring-loaded plantigrade, reshaped stiffener, sole waist support and precise manufacturing. The Thomas heel, which is higly recommended by orthopedical specialists, is also worth mentioning.

FARE main production is still children´s shoes. This programme has had the main attention in the long term and for sure it is not only koincidence that FARE ltd. has gained dominant position in the Czech market with children´s shoes.

FARE collection is regularly varied and completed twice a year – always in February and in August. You can find more than 400 models in FARE collection. These are developed and improved about gained knowledge all the time. All models fulfill the main function to protect feet, but very important is also the good look of shoes. Both of these things belong inherently together and one wouldn´t stand without the other. Therefore designer and modeller´s jobs are very important. The designer is inspired with new fashion trends and in the surrounding he is living in.



FARE, spol. s r.o.
Brumovská 1031, 766 01
Valašské Klobouky
IČ: 46343784
DIČ: CZ46343784



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